Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Throwback Thursday...

So, I get all nostalgic when I think of certain books. They can bring out the sentimental girl inside of me. They can remind me of a time, or a place, or even a feeling I was having at the time I was reading it... and I love it whenever I feel that connection.

For example; Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince reminds me of sitting by a pool in Spain. My husband had gone to find out the football score and I was lay sobbing on a sun lounger in full view of the oodles of hotel guests, but I didn't care one little bit.

The Da Vinci Code reminds me of being ill. I read it in bed when I was suffering with morning sickness. Not a nice association really!

And these books remind me of being a little girl...


They remind me of reading underneath the covers after bedtime and caravan holidays with my parents. They remind me about the times that I would pretend to open a Cadbury's chocolate bar slowly just in case I ripped my golden ticket. They remind me of being terrified of wigs and wishing I had magical powers. I loved these books!

It's a silly number of years since I read anything by Roald Dahl - but I can't wait to crack open these books once again when my little girl is old enough to read them all. I still have the old edition copies like these ones - although, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has a few loose pages - and the content is still relevant and translates wonderfully today. Roald Dahl was a very clever man.

See... I always knew that keeping my old books would pay off one day.

Do you  have any books that evoke fond (or even, not so fond) memories? What are they?

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